A Change in Perspective

April 2005

By: Dr. Scott R. Harden

The fervent look of determination was embossed on the young man’s face, and as he stood alone, he knew he was ready to accomplish his task without hesitation. His extensive training had prepared him for this very moment, and created an automatic response to any scenario that might arise. The situation called for an objective assessment devoid of emotion, yet he felt the perspiration collecting on his upper lip, and he knew his anticipation was effecting his concentration. Regaining his composure and commanding his focus on the target now clearly in sight, he was ready to fulfill his purpose.

His aim was directly on target and his adversary remained motionless for what seemed an eternity. Suddenly, the realization became very clear as the umpire yelled out an abounding, “strike three; you’re out”. The pitcher sighed a relief as he turned to see runners on second base and third base retiring to the dugout with hapless expressions on their faces. This last critical pitch decided the game and it was time to celebrate with his teammates.

As an onlooker from the stands, the sense of pride and gratification I felt for my son, Spencer, was immense and different than I had ever felt before. It was not just another game. Coaching for many years required close attention over all the individual players and the collective effort it took to develop the team. My attention was segmented between the team and my son.

As a spectator, I possessed an entirely different perspective than ever before; I cheered on the team but especially cheered for my son, with great admiration as an adorning father. I was unencumbered from concentrating on the team and actually worried about the anguish my son would have felt if he had missed that last pitch, and lost the game. His triumphant pitch, however, escalated my excitement to an entirely new level. I tip my hat to all coaches that dedicate themselves to their children. I especially would like to thank my son Spencer for providing me an incredible gift; the privilege and honor of being his father, and for putting up with me as his coach for many years.

A different perspective clearly provided me a great new level of satisfaction. This new perspective helps me to appreciate the outlook of Spencer’s grandparents for the first time. Their perspective and support is focused solely on their grandson with an unassuming sense of fulfillment. A change in perspective can be applied to many areas in our lives. A clear new perspective may impact our marriages, our jobs, and our relationship with God. A new perspective may be an insightful way to find out our lives are terrific and simply require a little rearranging.