Diagnosis and Dental Technology

At Fountain View Family Dentistry, we believe what is most important is the ability to diagnose your needs at the highest level possible. Early diagnosis, state-of-the-art technology, doctors and staff that stay current in their professional training– all promote excellence that a patient desires and needs most. You can read about some of the most amazing diagnostic equipment below that we use at Fountain View Dentistry to ensure the highest quality diagnosis for our patients.

Computer Anesthesia

Providing you with comfortable painless dental anesthesia by use of New Technology, our computer anesthesia allows all our patients to feel extremely calm and confident.


Serving as one of the biggest breakthroughs ever in dental diagnosis of decay, Dr. Harden enjoys our DIAGNOdent laser decay detector, which gives our patients confidence about their dental findings.

Diagnostic Photography

A wonderful way to see your teeth objectively for smile evaluations or restorative procedures involves use of digital photographs printed and discussed with our patients. A great tool for patient communication and involvement.

Digital X-rays

The current advent of computer technology allows dental X-rays to be taken at Fountain View Family Dentistry with much better concern for your health and provides amazing quality and improved diagnosis for dental decay, abscesses and gum disease.

Digital Panorex

The current advent of computer technology allows the panorex X-ray to be taken at Fountain View Family Dentistry with much better concern for your health and collects information about your jaws and teeth for improved diagnosis about wisdom teeth, bony cysts and tumors.

Intraoral Camera

A fantastic tool that provides communication between Dr. Harden and his patients, our Intraoral Cameras permit clear visual pictures of the patient’s dental problems on the monitor screen directly in front of them, supporting the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Nitrous Oxide

A conventional means to help patients with dental anxiety or to just relax during an appointment; nitrous oxide gas is inhaled through a nasal hood and has quick onset and quick elimination from the body. The patient can drive to and from their dental visit and helps the patient disregard the dentistry and emphasize relaxation.

Diagnostic Wax-Ups

A diagnostic wax-up is a simulation of how a patient’s teeth can transform from their current status to a “Hollywood Smile” or newly reconstructed functional result. This procedure is performed for specific patient treatment needs. The wax up is performed on a stone model and provides the patient with a before and after comparison that is designed to satisfy the patient’s desires before the case is started.

When a patient has extensive dental needs, Dr. Harden’s 20 years of experience with full-mouth reconstruction and smile makeovers allows our patients to receive the highest quality dental care possible, which you won’t find in many dental offices.

Dr. Harden provides an amazing level of diagnosis and dental technology at Fountain View Family Dentistry. The diagnosis process involves the patient, the assisting staff, the administrative staff, the lab, and even the patient’s family if desired. This diagnostic process utilizes study models, diagnostic photographs, digital X-rays, and a thorough diagnostic review about the gums and bone and details about each and every tooth for that patient. The patient is shown before-and-after models and involved regarding the color, shape, smile design, and treatment options pertaining to their dental treatment. This is unique among dental offices, and we are proud to have a doctor that offers his time and effort along with coordinating time from the staff to make this wonderful process happen for our patients.

Dr. Scott Harden