Computer Anesthesia

Digital Computer Anesthesia MachineThe basis of trust in your dentist begins with comfortable anesthesia. Committed to the well being of our patients, Fountain View Dentistry was one of the first offices in the country to implement this revolutionary technology. The Comfort Control Syringe™ is a computer anesthesia system that allows us to deliver your local anesthesia so slowly that the nerves simply cannot detect the anesthesia. From three-year-old patients to the most challenging dental phobic, everyone can benefit from this amazing new system of anesthesia delivery.

We believe in absolute “no pain dentistry”. We are sensitive to the needs to the patient. While some patients prefer to be worked on with absolutely no anesthesia, there are other patients who want to be surprised when everything is over. We provide services for both patients, and appreciate your concern for pain sensitivity in your mouth. That’s why we carry the computer anesthesia machine, for people like you!

Dr. Scott Harden