Digital Panorex

A Panorex makes a complete half circle around the head, from ear to ear, to produce a single digital image of the teeth and jaw bones. The Digital Panorex provides a wealth of information, both dental and medical, and allows for more accurate diagnosis of cavities, gum disease, cysts, tumors, cancer, osteoporosis, fractures, wisdom teeth, TMJ, and more. And with a digital Panorex, the radiation exposure is 90% less than traditional X-ray methods. We take a Panorex image every 3 to 7 years.

Digital Panorex Machine Fountain View Family Dentistry has integrated the latest technology using the Planmeca Digital Panorex. The design and operating principles of the Planmeca Panorex are based on advanced technologies, the latest scientific research, and very stringent radiology requirements. The new open concept makes patient positioning fast, accurate, and comfortable, as the patient does not have to be restrained.

Dr. Scott Harden