Digital Photography

At Fountain View Dentistry, we use digital photography when working with a patient who needs an extensive restorative or cosmetic treatment. The photographs allow Dr. Harden to gain a more complete understanding of the patient’s dental condition, as well as share information with the patient and the dental laboratory. With digital photographs, Dr. Harden can zoom in on the photographs to view fractures or decay, as well as comfortably discuss aspects of cosmetic enhancements. The images communicate the patient’s exact tooth color, shape, and lip line to the lab technicians, so they can create crowns that fit beautifully with the patient’s smile.

Advanced Dental Digital PhotographyDr. Harden has been a photographer since he was a boy. His extensive experience with photography has proven a great asset to our patients, and he’s proud to offer this amazing service. Digital photography provides a wealth of information that allows Dr. Harden and the patient to have a much more rewarding dental visit.

Dr. Scott Harden