Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide sedation transforms adults and children filled with anxiety about dental treatment into comfortable, relaxed, responsive patients. Those who receive nitrous oxide, feel positive about their treatment during and after the procedure. Sedation has helped millions of patients overcome their dental anxieties. Proven safe and effective, Nitro is the most trusted of all dental relaxation techniques.

Nitrous oxide is a gas mixed with oxygen that is inhaled through a “nasal hood.” Effects begin within a few minutes of breathing the gas and dissipate a few minutes after we turn off the gas. Unlike general anesthesia, nitrous oxide allows patients to Nitrous Oxide Makes Life Easy For You!remain fully conscious and responsive at all times. It is mild, non-toxic, and removes itself from the body shortly after use. Patients can drive themselves to and from their dental appointment if this is the only sedation they receive.

At Fountain View Family Dentistry, we conveniently offer nitrous oxide delivery for cleanings and dental treatment.

Dr. Scott Harden