Arestin is an effective antibiotic treatment that comes in powder form. Dr. Harden or the hygienist gently places the powder inside of the periodontal pockets following scaling and root planing (SRP). Arestin contains microspheres, which are tiny, bead-like particles that are smaller than grains of sand and are not visible to the eye. The microspheres are filled with the antibiotic minocycline, and they release the drug over time (up to 21 days) to fight the infection and kill the bacteria living there.

Clinical Studies

In clinical studies, Arestin has been shown to promote gum attachment back onto your teeth (i.e. zipping your gums back onto the roots). It accomplishes this by reducing harmful bacteria, reducing inflammation and swelling in your gums, reducing bleeding gums, reducing unhealthy pocket depths, and most importantly, reducing infection. Arestin was shown to be particularly effective in the more difficult to treat patients such as smokers or people who have cardiovascular disease.
Arestin has been proven to be more effective than using SRP alone. Arestin Microspheres continue to fight the infection for up to 21 days after SRP. Arestin also significantly reduced the size of periodontal pockets compared to scaling and root planing alone. In short, Arestin offers an amazing new way to compliment traditional treatment of gum disease with site specific antibiotic therapy and achieve results like never before. As a result, Fountain View Dentistry can treat more patients with non-surgical gum disease methods (much preferred by patients) and fewer patients with gum surgery.

Treatment Guidelines after Arestin Therapy:

  • Avoid touching treated areas
  • Resume your normal brushing routine 12 hours after treatment
  • Wait 10 days before using floss, or other devices designed to clean between teeth
  • Resume practice of good oral hygiene, brushing 3 time a day and flossing daily
  • For 1 week, avoid foods that could hurt your gums

Be sure and return for your follow-up appointments, since gum disease can reoccur and needs to be checked regularly.
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Dr. Scott Harden