For patients who would love the convent time frame associated with porcelain veneers but don’t want to commit to tooth alteration, Dr. Harden often recommends Lumineers or DURAthins. These popular brands of minimal-prep porcelain veneers require little to no tooth preparation prior to placement. Similar to traditional veneers in design and function, Lumineers and DURAthins mask stains, gaps, and minor misalignments.

Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Conservative

Using patented methods, Lumineers and DURAthins labs fabricate sheaths of porcelain that are about the thickness of a contact lens. These ultra-thin restorations can be cemented to the front teeth with little to no removal of healthy tooth enamel. If you’d like to return to your original smile in the future, Dr. Harden can simply remove the restorations.Lumineers - Bite into a peach

The Right Situation

Reserved for special cases, Lumineers and DURAthins work best on teeth that need minor enhancements. Dr. Harden will carefully diagnose your situation and may create study models to help you visualize the outcome. Many patients prefer conventional porcelain veneers to Lumineers or DURAthins because of the totally custom design.

Dr. Scott Harden