Root Canal Therapy

At Fountain View Dentistry, we utilize “Patient-Friendly Technology” to ensure root canal therapy in our office is a positive experience. With computerized anesthesia, digital X-rays, ultrasonic root length determination, advanced rotary instruments, and the latest filling materials, root canal therapy has never been more comfortable. Dr. Harden has helped hundreds of patients restore their teeth with stress-free root canal therapy.

Indications for a Root Canal

Root canals are often required when the nerve of a tooth dies. Infected tissue fills the canals and has to be removed, either by extraction or root canal therapy. In general, root canal therapy is preferred to extraction, as it’s much more conservative and allows you  to keep your natural tooth roots. After removing the infected tissue, Dr. Harden will fill the canal with an inert substance known as “gutta percha.” The last phase of treatment involves topping the treated tooth with a crown to improve strength and durability.

Image of Root Canal Therapy

Nerves can become infected for many reasons, including deep decay, breakage, and in rare cases, orthodontic movement. If left untreated, the infected tissue can spread to the jawbone. Having your tooth checked out at the first sign of pain will help prevent serious complications, such as abscesses and jawbone infection.

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