Smile Makeovers

Cosmetic dentistry gained enormous popularity in the early 90’s as people began to realize how much their smiles affected their self-images. A beautiful smile portrays youth, vibrancy, and success; however, most people are not born with their vision of a perfect smile. Using modern cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Harden can alter tooth size, shape, and color, giving you a healthy, attractive smile and boosting your overall self-confidence.

Understanding Your Preferences

Smile Makeovers are our specialty!

Before beginning any cosmetic dental treatments, Dr. Harden will want to discuss your goals and expectations. He may take photos and create study models to gain a better understanding of the treatments that will benefit you. Each smile design is created unique  to the patient and may include:

Dr. Harden has over 20 years of experience with cosmetic dentistry, and he attributes much of his success to involving patients in the smile makeover process. We will partner with you to ensure that you’re comfortable with the procedures we recommend and satisfied with the results for the long-term.

Consider for a minute about the significance of having a terrific smile. “You only have one opportunity to make a great first impression.” There is nothing more powerful than flashing an attractive smile and it benefits you in your personal life and your business career. Some people are just born with a great smile. Other people achieve a great smile from orthodontic care in their youth. Most people, however, in their adult life do not have the smile they desire and can benefit from a smile makeover to enhance the attractiveness of their teeth. A great smile improves the quality of your face, but more importantly, a great smile improves the quality of your life.

Treatment Planning

Your smile makeover will involve a comprehensive treatment plan customized to meet your esthetic goals. This treatment plan may be as simple as whitening your teeth or it may consist of many cosmetic and functionally restorative procedures, all depending on your treatment needs and desires. A smile makeover treatment is performed for discolored, misshapen, or missing teeth and may include restorative procedures such as bonding, veneers, dental implants, crowns, orthodontics, oral maxillofacial surgery, and even cosmetic gum tissue recontouring. Ultimately, a smile makeover is a perfect blend of restorative function with natural appearing esthetics.

At Fountain View Dentistry, Dr. Scott Harden has performed hundreds of smile makeovers and has even appeared on The Discovery Channel for his dental expertise. In addition to being a family practitioner, Dr. Harden is a cosmetic and full mouth reconstruction dentist that produces optimal esthetic results for his patients with a variety of treatment options.

All procedures in a smile makeover are designed to help you achieve an esthetic and youthful appearance while creating a stable functional bite relationship. The stability of your smile makeover depends upon the functional stability of your back teeth.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth as mentioned above are extremely important to correct during a smile make-over. If a tooth is extracted, most typically a back tooth, the tooth opposing this extraction site will begin to shift into that space. This process is called “hyper-eruption” and often makes dentistry very difficult to perform. Not only does the opposing tooth hyper-erupt into the space where the tooth was extracted, but the teeth on either side of the space drift into the space as well. It is therefore common to see three teeth invade the space where the tooth was removed, and creates what I refer to as a dental traffic accident. These teeth are at unnatural angles and improper positions. These teeth no longer function properly when this person chews, and often causes fractured teeth, loose teeth, severely worn teeth and even TMJ problems. These improperly positioned teeth function improperly and can result in the patient’s front teeth also functioning improperly. Therefore, as to achieve of balanced result, a smile makeover requires stabilization of all teeth in the mouth to ensure long term stability of the teeth involved in the smile makeover.

Teeth Whitening

During a smile makeover, teeth whitening is generally performed early to establish the whiteness level of your teeth. Silver or amalgam fillings are typically replaced with natural, tooth-colored composite restorations. Crooked, overlapping, or gapping teeth can be straightened when necessary through orthodontics and improved with veneers. If teeth are missing this creates a large space and should be replaced by dental implants, bridges, or partial dentures to avoid unwanted drifting and shifting of your teeth. Uneven teeth can be bonded for improved appearance. Uneven gums can greatly detract from your smile, so “gummy smiles” can be re-contoured to help improve the overall look of the smile.

What a Smile Says

Studies have shown that 93% of communication between people is non-verbal. Therefore, what is important for communication is a person’s body language, their facial expression, and most important among them is your smile. A beautiful positive smile helps make people listen to you and respond in a positive way.

Popular Procedures

The most common smile makeovers involve porcelain veneers and all porcelain crowns on your upper front four to six teeth, which mostly define your smile. People that have a big display of teeth when they smile sometimes choose to involve eight teeth in their smile makeover. The smile makeover begins with a diagnostic wax-up of your teeth to create before and after display models. This gives the patient the opportunity to preview their smile design beforehand and approve the length, shape, and arrangement of the teeth. This is both a scientific and artistic approach that satisfies both the dentists’ functional requirements while simultaneously achieving the patient’s esthetic needs. Communication is very important and the more techniques that create communication, the better.

Porcelain Veneers

Patients are involved in the color selection of their teeth as well during a smile makeover and they can often pick any whiteness they desire because enough teeth are involved to do so. The patient’s teeth are conservatively prepared or shaped by the dentist for the restorative process chosen (i.e. porcelain veneers or all porcelain crowns). Temporaries are meticulously fabricated by our dental assistants to match your original diagnostic wax up so you can wear them for a few days and then communicate any changes you may want to modify. The temporary can be altered to your desires and an updated impression and photo will be sent to the lab to ensure proper communication. After your case returns from the lab, we remove the temporary and deliver your fantastic new smile. Your beautiful new smile is complete and ready to enjoy for a life time. An amazing smile transformation awaits anyone that is interested in having a more attractive smile.

Dr. Scott Harden