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Why are checkups recommended every six months, even for people with great oral health?
This question is the cornerstone of a strong dental education. We use DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection to find cavities in the earliest stages, and often that means that you don’t see or feel them. Early detection allows us to provide the most conservative treatment, which saves you time, expense, and possible discomfort. We also use the VELscope to screen for oral cancer, a disease that will affect more than 30-thousand Americans this year. Oral cancer is deadly, but early detection offers an 80-percentcure rate. Gum disease is another sneaky problem that we try to catch early. It has been linked to stroke, heart attack, osteoporosis, and other health risks, and it is the leading cause of tooth loss in American adults.

Do you refer patients to specialists?
Dr. Harden often works with specialists in a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure that you receive the best possible care. For your convenience, our office park houses an orthodontist with whom Dr. Harden works very closely to orchestrate treatment for adults, children, and teens that need braces. Some other dental specialists we may work with include oral surgeons, periodontists (supporting structures), endodontists (internal tooth problems), and pedodontists (for children). We refer to only trusted professionals with whom we have a good rapport.

What happens if missing teeth are not replaced?
Missing teeth can lead to a host of other problems, including additional tooth loss. Research shows that if a missing tooth is not replaced, up to 20% of adjacent teeth will fall out in the next 4 to 8 years. Missing teeth also cause remaining teeth to shift, which contributes to spaces between teeth, food impaction, bite collapse, chewing alteration, and TMJ pain. You’re also more susceptible to gum disease, a serious health condition that can significantly shorten your life span.

I avoid dental visits because of anxiety…is this normal? Can you help?
Millions of people avoid dental visits because of fear or anxiety because they lack the dental education. Dr. Harden strives to revolutionize the way people think about visiting the dentist. We understand dental anxiety and offer many solutions to help you relax. Our soothing, spa-like office creates an atmosphere of calm and welcoming. Our comfort amenities, including massage chairs and aromatherapy will contribute to a positive experience. Modern technology, such as the comfort control syringe, digital X-rays, and nitrous oxide will further enhance your dental visit. Most importantly, Dr. Harden “caters to cowards.” His patience and thorough explanations ease the most fearful dental patients. If you’ve been avoiding the dentist, call our Woodstock office today and discover the difference a patient-friendly practice will make.

Will you see my kids and my grandparents?
Yes! We love families and see many of them. Our services are diverse, so we offer dentures for our older patients, as well as sealants for our youngest patients. Call to schedule comprehensive initial exams for everyone in your family – because their smiles are invaluable family assets!

Dr. Scott Harden