Smiles in the Community

magJuly2005July 2005

By: Dr. Scott R. Harden

Cherokee County is full of citizens with helping hands and open hearts. Each issue of the TowneLaker and Sixes Living is overflowing with stories about our community reaching out to its citizens. Fountain View Family Dentistry’s new program “Smiles in the Community” hopes to continue in this direction of service to Cherokee County by providing cosmetic smile makeovers to deserving individuals.

Our goal of “Smiles in the Community” is to select an outstanding Cherokee County citizen with specific dental needs that has dedicated their life to public service and provide them with a life-changing smile. I will work closely with several area organizations in the selection process.

Dr. Scott Harden, a cosmetic and restorative dentist, has been helping people in Towne Lake, Woodstock and Acworth improve their smiles for more than 15 years. A financial supporter of local clubs and civic organizations, Harden had a dream to give something even greater to his community. So he and his staff at Fountain View Family Dentistry created “Smiles in the Community,” a makeover program which provides confident, life-changing smiles for deserving individuals in Cherokee County. “I have had the opportunity over my professional career to complete a large number of smile restorations. I am continually amazed by the changes people experience after receiving their treatment. A smile can be a precious asset that can open career doors and raise self-esteem,” says Harden.

“Smiles in the Community” began last year with the first recipient, Jimmy Smith, whose story is so compelling that it drew the attention of Discovery Health Channel. The show will air in July or August 2005 featuring Smith’s smile makeover story.

Meet Jimmy Smith
Smith was born deaf and with an underdeveloped chin. He adapted to his disability by learning to communicate with sign language. Smith was teased mercilessly as a child for his yellowed, crooked chipped teeth and his chin. For Smith, his physical appearance was far more of a handicap than the fact that he was deaf. Harden quickly realized that completing Smith’s smile makeover would take more than dental work. Harden contacted plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Maloney to correct Smith’s underdeveloped chin. Together, Harden and Maloney gave Smith a smile that would change his life.

The Makeover and Treatment Begin
A cosmetic smile assessment was the first step. During the initial cosmetic consultation, Smith expressed his goals for improving his appearance. This in itself presented unique challenges in communication. With the help of Smith’s family, Harden was able to formulate the vision of Smith’s new smile through sign language. Harden and Smith decided on a comprehensive treatment plan for Smith’s cosmetic smile makeover that included a combination of six porcelain crowns, 12 Compton veneers and two fixed bridges to achieve his ideal smile and tooth color. Compton Dental Laboratory, located in Powder Springs, fabricated the models that created Smith’s desired smile.

When his dental treatment began in November 2004, Smith knew multiple appointments would be a part of the process. “Cosmetic dental treatment may require one step in our office or multiple visits with a team of specialists. Sometimes consultations with other cosmetic professionals are needed, such as a periodontist, plastic surgeon, cosmetologist, aesthetician, to complete the makeover.

A Changed Man
Jimmy’s dental treatment needed to be complete in order for his face and chin to undergo the pressure and delicate treatment on his chin. It was time to bring in the 2nd part of our makeover team, Dr. Brian Maloney of the Maloney Plastic Surgery Center. Dr. Maloney has chosen to specialize solely in cosmetic surgery of the face, nose and scalp. Because of his specific approach to facial rejuvenation he has been featured on the Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel. Due to the complexities and underdevelopment of Smith’s chin, a chin implant was needed to enhance his facial appearance.

After just a few weeks of healing time, the physical changes to his smile were truly remarkable. Gone are the crooked teeth and underdeveloped chin that plagued him as a child. His new smile is overflowing with joy and confidence. “Though the physical changes to his smile and appearance are breathtaking, the true change is evident in Jimmy’s spirit. He now stands tall with pride and confidence and smiles freely for the first time in his life,” Harden observes. The smile makeover he received gratis through the “Smiles in the Community” program will leave a lasting mark on Smith’s life.

“Smiles in the Community” Goes On
The success of Smith’s makeover has touched the hearts of everyone at Fountain View Family Dentistry. According to Harden, the practice will continue its local outreach with the “Smiles in the Community” program. “Jimmy Smith has provided me and my entire staff far more goodwill than we ever could have provided to him. We were able to provide Jimmy with a new level of satisfaction in life, and there is simply no better feeling than helping another human being.”

Dr. Scott Harden, an active member of the American Dental Association, the Georgia Dental Association, and the Northwest District Dental Association, can be reached at 770-926-0000. As an expert in the field of restorative and cosmetic dentistry, he serves as a restorative director for two area study clubs and is a frequent contributor to various dental publications.

Dr. Brian Maloney is certified by th American Board of Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, The American Board of Otolaryngoloia. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. With his active involvement in Continuing Medical Education, Dr. Maloney has qualified for the American Medical Association Recognition Award. He can be reached at 404-252-5438.